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Why Instagram's Change is Great News

If you read some of the tweets on the topic you’ll find some really nasty feedback. People are mad.At first I was, too. I thought, how could they do this? Are ad dollars all they care about? You’re dead to me Instagram. So after a short cool down period, I took some time to reflect on these changes. I realized this could be a good thing. Here’s why:

The metrics have room to grow. Instagram’s analytics show that people miss nearly 70% of their feeds. Those are staggeringly bad numbers. Until now, marketers never had access to these metrics. Imagine those numbers in reverse. What if 70% of your followers actually saw your post? The impact could be enormous to your brand and would very likely improve your return on investment.

Your posts will have a longer shelf life. Gone will be the days when you post an image and cross your fingers that you’ve timed it correctly. Be honest, how often do your older photos get likes? Almost never, right? The number of likes that rush into your notification screen will likely decrease with this algorithm. I’m proposing we put aside instant gratification for better, long term results. I believe we will all see more views, likes and engagements, but it will come over a longer period of time.

You’ll take better photos. Similar to the way Facebook works, post-engagements (likes, comments, shares, etc.) are likely to play a major role in how many of your followers see your photo. Better photos will drive better engagement and thus, better results. This is your opportunity to out-perform your competitors.

Your organic reach will most likely grow. Although there aren’t a ton of specifics available on exactly how they’re doing this, I suspect the experience is going to be going be very similar to Facebook. I’m excited about the possibilities for our clients to expand their reach organically. While you can already see who your friends are following and what they are liking on Instagram, it takes a bit of work. If you’re like me, you’ll soon be discovering and falling in love with brands that your friends and your friends’ friends have already connected with.

Over time, these changes are certainly going to impact business users. And while we all know these changes are at least partially driven by the push to further monetize the platform, I encourage everyone to embrace the changes and look forward to the possibilities they hold. I truly believe Instagram and Facebook listen to their users and understand the value we bring to the table. They are very unlikely to destroy that relationship.